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Robert Chaney, Contracts and Business Solutions Manager

Robert entered into this field in January of 1995. His first experience was working at a group home working direct care from 6am until 9am, and then job coaching from 9am until 2pm. While working there, he started to hear that some of the people he worked with at the group home would soon be moving into their own apartments under a new service called Residential Habilitation. This was a totally new concept at the time and sounded intriguing, so after the new company, Inclusion, had been open for about a month, he got a part time job doing direct care. His group home shift ended at 2 and the apartment shift started at 3, so it worked out perfectly. March 20th, 1995 was the day he started working at Inclusion.

By July of 1995, Inclusion was adding more and more participants and Robert was asked to work more than just work part time. He quickly discovered that the group home model seemed to be out of touch with reality and the Inclusion model was more true to life. Group home residents essentially had every 15 minutes of their life planned for them each day, and it was always the same. Wake up at 7, brush their teeth by 7:15, in the shower by 7:30, at the breakfast table by 8 am, etc. etc.. He ultimately realized that Inclusion had a way more relaxed way of providing services, and that meant that the individual had much more control over their lives and in when they did things. They got to essentially plan out their days, and yes, they still had things to get done, but the flow was way more natural to everyday life. He made the decision to leave the group home and make a change.

July 5th, 1995, Robert went full time with Inclusion and was offered the job of Training Specialist. The position no longer exists, but at that time, the Training Specialist worked with a Program Specialist (now called a Program Coordinator) and was assigned a lot of different tasks. The Program Specialist essentially went to the ISP meetings, wrote the programs, and dealt more with that side of the business. As a Training Specialist, you placed ads when we needed staff, interviewed, hired, trained, completed all of the required paperwork in addition to taking new employees out into the field. Additional job tasks were scheduling, ensured data was collected correctly, tracked everyone’s timesheets, collected time sheets and added them up at the end of the month and ensured the hours were correct. This was all on paper too, so there was a lot of paperwork to file and track. We also served as rep payees for our caseloads. It was a busy time in the growth of Inclusion and we worked hard to ensure it succeeded.

April of 1997, Roberts position again changed as Janna Miller, the owner, was so busy she didn’t have time to do the weekly billing and payroll. He assumed this position and learned how to enter the electronic billing and how to do payroll. After a few years, it was decided that the two jobs were too much for one person, so payroll was split off to someone else and he continued to bill.

September of 2013 the role once again shifted. The billing duties were offered to someone else and at that point he moved into more of an IT position. Roberts duties mostly revolved around acquiring computers and phones and assigning these to staff. He also worked with vendors and community business resources that could fix equipment when things went wrong. Robert was responsible for implementing our current network and ultimately able to make Inclusion more streamlined. The job morphed into finding business solutions and overseeing contracts for different technological services as well as continuing to acquire equipment and find solutions to problems. This continues to be Roberts job today and he is fully prepared for any new thing that may pop up in the future.