Mission Statement

Inclusion, Inc.’s mission is to enrich the lives of those we serve by focusing on their personal strengths and attributes; attuning and attending to their attachment needs; and, by devoting ourselves to promoting their absolute inclusion and engagement within the communities of their choice.

The Person.

We believe people are the focus of our work. We respect the dignity and significance of each person we serve.

The Community.

We believe the axiom, “It takes a village…” is real and palpable and will work to be an active part of the community that supports and is supported by the individuals we serve.

The Attachment.

We believe in attachment. We believe we connect. We believe we suffer losses of connection. We believe we all have a need for secure, quality attachments and work to help participants establish, re-establish, preserve and cultivate their attachments.

The Quality.

We not only believe in the people we serve…but, in our qualified and committed workforce. We are committed to quality in the work we do and professional development and progress.  We will engage and be open to learning without end.

The Accountability.

We believe services must be rendered in an ethical manner and meet established outcome measures. Our intervention and work are based on clinical research and best practices; and, our experiences with those we serve.

The Collaboration.

We believe it is our responsibility to be good stewards of all human, fiscal, and material resources. We are dedicated to the continuous monitoring; evaluation; and, improvement of our service and business systems.

The Integrity.

We believe that services and supports are the shared responsibility of clients; service providers; and, the State and Federal Government. We will always work to enhance our service and the system we work within in an authentic, transparent manner.

The Awareness.

We believe conscious and ongoing awareness, education, and mindfulness is at the very core of personal and professional growth.  Increasing awareness, increases our growth potential.

The Innovation.

We believe it is vital to embrace new ideas and change in order to improve the intellectual disabilities system and the work we perform on a daily basis. We seek out a dynamic and innovative workforce and aspire and strive to identify and implement creative solutions to inspire hope and help people obtain their unique and personal goals.

The Respect.

We believe in uniqueness. We believe in embracing the differences between us – because at our very core, we believe we are more alike than different. We believe in respecting the culture and values of the people and families we serve. We emphasize and promote diversity in our ideas, our workforce, and the services/supports provided through our system.  We increase our ability to witness to our differences to increase our ability to understand and connect with those we serve and work alongside of…