about us

Janna Miller, President

I am a Social Worker by degree, graduating from Boise State University in 1992. My passion for this work came from personal experience.  My Aunt, who was a big part of my life growing up, was born with Downs Syndrome.  My grandmother had her doing chores to help out on the farm just as her brothers and sisters did. When it came time for her to attend school, Grandma took her to Adrian Schools, who turned her away.  This was in the 60’s before the IDEA Act passed in 1970.  Nevertheless, she talked Nyssa schools into allowing her daughter into school, and she drove her everyday to make sure she had the same experiences as her older siblings.  My Aunt Rosalie continued to go to regular school and graduated from Caldwell High School.  She had a boyfriend, and a job at WITCO.  She passed away at an early age in an accident on her way to a summer camp with her friends.  She lived life as she wanted, with all the experiences that shape all of us. I was raised in such a way that I do not understand the necessity to segregate, depreciate, or minimize someone’s life experiences due to an IQ test.   In 1995 I founded Inclusion.  Over the years we expanded into different areas of the state, and types of services.  We now serve over 125 people in the Treasure Valley, Twin Falls, and Couer d’Alene and Sandpoint areas.  Prior to beginning this great adventure, in 1983, I started as a Direct Service Provider at a group home; then became a Developmental Specialist at a Developmental Center, and then back to a group home as a supervisor and Program Director.  I was a trainer with the City of Boise when the ADA came to be to improve accessibility.  I was one of the original members of the group that designed the current HCBS waiver, and received a grant to be the first agency to test pilot the services. I have done it all, and I have had some incredible teachers, especially the participants I have worked for along the way.  My mission is to support people with intellectual disabilities in the most inclusive way possible so they can live, work, and recreate in their communities.  It is necessary to respect, and support each person in a way that they choose, in a place where they want to be, with the people they want to be with.  My mission is to imbed a philosophy into all my employees that they are a conduit to community Inclusion, and should be in constant motion to access opportunities, and make a difference. I consider my job a Lifestyle, so I tend to be found responding to emails at odd times of the day, or showing up to visit with folks whenever I can.  This means that often I can be found playing with my two Bulldogs and Golden Retriever in the midst of answering calls.  I raised three wonderful children, and I am now enjoying grandchildren.  I hope to be creating generations of people who count persons with intellectual disabilities as their friends and neighbors.